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From 20 years ago . . .


The 1998 Newsletter  had detailed articles on the new Grove sanctuary as well as an opinion piece on the new government guidelines for architectural preservation. Traffic speeds and parking  remained ongoing issues for residents. It also included an excellent cartoon by Graeme Keyes, below.














From 15 years ago  . . .


In 2003, Ulsara was going through one of its few moments of reduced activity and involvement. There is only one newsletter covering 2003-04 and it is short - just two pages. Notwithstanding that, the newsletter calls for residents to wake up to the challenge of intensification of commercial development in the area, such as those on Mespil Road, Burlington Road and Lansdowne Road. "Our future will not be served by apathy now", writes Robert Mooney, Chairman. >>>

From the archives

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Our current Newsletter for Spring 2018 celebrates our 50th anniversary with a little of our history and snippets of campaigns through the decades.

It also includes articles ranging from the proposed Carroll's site development, to traffic management on Burlington Road, to a story of one militant suffragette in the area.


It is always interesting to see how the interests and issues occupying ULSARA have evolved - and remained constant - over the years.

Ulsara Newsletter 2018 cartoon 1998