Upper Leeson Street Area Residents' Association


Upper Leeson Street Area Heritage Trail

1.   Go to GuidiGo on the  iTunes or GooglePlay app store.


2.   Download the GuidiGo app.


3.   Open the app and create an account. If asked, turn location on.


4.   ‘Upper Lesson Street Area Dublin Heritage Trail’ should show in ‘Around you’. If not, search for it.


5.   Tap on the Heritage Trail icon to open it.


6.   Tap ‘Download’.


7.   Tap to open. (The Heritage Trail will appear in ‘Library’.)


8.   The app will open as a map with all the stops shown. Tap on a stop, or tap the down icon at the top left of the screen to see a menu.


9.   Tap on ‘Search/List of Stops’;


10. Tap on a stop; swipe right and left to view more.


Occasionally we will update the app: watch out for a notification at the top right of the screen when you open GuidiGo.



To download the app

For 50 years, Ulsara has fought a sustained campaign to preserve the architecture and residential character of the area.

In producing this Heritage Trail, we hope to inform, enthuse and inspire you to value the history of the area.

Some content is adapted from Deirdre Kelly's 'Four Roads to Dublin', O'Brien Press, 2001. It also owes much to William Hederman's Historical Trail of the area. Other content is from our own research and other posts and publications. We have aimed to give credit where it is due, and apologise for any omissions.

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